3 Key Branding Criteria for Professional Athletes

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You wouldn’t take the field or court without a game plan. Maintaining a personal brand is no different.


Just as you would practice and strategize towards your strengths, it pays to put in the work when building your persona as an athlete. Knowing your audience, cultivating an authentic online presence, and maintaining digital content programs can mean the difference between being a household name or just a number on a jersey.

Keep up with Your Audience

Identifying who you’re targeting as an athlete is vital to every step of the process. Think of it like running a particular style of offense or specializing in a specific track event. When you focus on and play to your strengths, you make a much more lasting impression. Do a little research and home in on the sports audience you’re already naturally appealing to and find out what it is they like about you as a brand. This will give you some insight into what they want to hear, how they want to hear it, and other similar brands they have engaged. Knowledge of your audience will open doors to future employers and sponsors that are up to your alley. More importantly, though, it will help you keep true to yourself.


Keep it Real

Authenticity can determine the outcome of those meetings you’re trying to book. If you’re not what you’re saying you are with your marketing, it becomes apparent fast in person. Not only will this damage your reputation, but it’s harder to make life and business decisions if you’re trying to keep up a version of yourself that doesn’t really exist. Employers, fans, and sponsors alike all crave authenticity when it comes to athletes. People are looking for something in you that they can identify with, a little part of themselves that they can see out there on the field or crossing the finish line. If you can’t personally identify with your own brand, sooner or later they’ll see through it, and they won’t identify either.

Keep it Coming

One key to building a believable sense of authenticity is consistency. You need to make sure you’re keeping up with your content. Monitor what is being consumed the most and churn it out. These days, content is king, and people want more all the time. If your material fades from the digital spotlight for a while, so will your brand. This is where it helps to surround yourself with people and partners who know you and know the marketing game. You’ve got coaches and trainers for a reason, so why wouldn’t you do the same to improve your branding performance. That’s why we produce this sort of content at VERZ. To keep you in the know and start conversations about building the best brand you can be.

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