5 Criteria for Running a Successful Campaign

[norebro_text]A successful digital marketing campaign has many elements that need to work together to achieve its purpose. However, it’s only the first step once your campaign up. The business needs to reviewing analytics and physically see the development. It’s essential for a brand to strategize their digital marketing plan to not only grow and innovate but also learn from the data and improve.

Here are 5 Criteria for running a successful campaign digital marketing strategy and campaign, or contact our team, and we’d love to help you to achieve your business’s digital goals


Clarity on Your Goals

Ask yourself, what do you want? Social media followers, conversions, emails, post likes, or Google rating?
Defined your campaign goal is an essential part of a successful campaign. If you want to utilize all social media platforms, consider hiring a digital marketing agency to help you to take care of this potential huge tasks.

The ultimate goal for any campaign is to increase brand awareness. You have to be honest to yourself that it will be a long process. It will take a lot of effort to have people turn your brand name into a term.

Loyalty matters! Gaining followers is not as easy as it sounds; gaining loyal fans will be even harder. But quality fans will be the most critical element for smaller businesses.



Be specific on your target market

Define the audience for this campaign. You will have a much better chance to have a successful campaign if you already have a similar campaign in the past and have the analytics to see the demographic.

  • Know more about the audience – like age, gender, and location.
  • Use tools like Google Analytic account to collect the key information about your business target audience.
  • Defined an experience that is memorable for your target audience
  • Build a buyer persona that will help have a deeper understanding of your dream buyer.

This method does not only work for a specific campaign, but it also should be part of your overall digital marketing strategy. You can survey your current customer or hire a digital marketing agency to research for you, so you can focus on running your business.



The content needs to be specific for the campaign and the particular audience. In order to have the best ROI, here are a few things to check your content qualification.


People are overwhelmed by too much information. People will ignore your message if it’s straight to the point. Therefore, keep your message simple and clear on both design and message.

Right Place

Going to where your audience is extremely important for the campaign to get the best result. Thus, selected the right social media platform is not only important for maximizing the content value and your investment, but also for your brand’s overall digital marketing strategy.


Creating a memorable experience for your audience is the ultimate key here to run a successful campaign.


Define your budget

A budget is necessary for any campaigns. Though in comparison with other advertising methods, digital marketing is the cheapest form of advertising.

Keep in mind that if you are planning on hiring a digital marketing agency, you will have a budget for paying the service as well as having a budget for running Facebook or Google Ads. An easier way to determinate this is to compare your revenue and cash flow now with what this campaign will help with the revenue.



Measure and analyze the campaign is what really going to help your brand awareness.

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