Social Media Marketing & Building Brand Reputation

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Building a brand is a trick and a long process. Traditionally, it takes years for the public to know and accept a brand into their daily life. Social Media Marketing has changed all of this. According to Market- Research- Group, American adults spend more than 11 hours per day watching, reading, listening to, or simply interacting with media. That being said, spreading words about your brand and building a reputation will be easier and quicker than ever. On the opposite side of the equation, social media can also harm your brand reputation quicker than ever!


Whether traditional marketing method or social media marketing, the core element has always been the same, people. However, unlike the traditional marketing methods, social media gives your audience a voice and freedom that they can use whenever and however; This forces brands to combat the instant and permanent effect of engaging with them online 20/7. One negative comment or review can have detrimental effects.

The most important is that social media equally treats every business across all sizes. Business owners need to carefully structure or transform their brand language into the digital world.

Here are two examples of brands that face major backfired because of the message poorly delivered through social media:

Would You Rather: Rihanna

An ad for a game called” Would You Rather?” ran on Snapchat asking the user whether they would rather slap Rhianna or punch Chris Brown, which directly relates to the domestic abuse case from 2009. While Snapchat already has been criticized for its most recent updates, the backlash from this Ad is deadly. Even though Snapchat removed the ad and publicly apologize for what happened, the usage of the app is still on the decline.

This ad is a typical case that social media campaign can be hurtful to a brand. In this case, it cast the company $800 million in market value as a result.

Rhianna did not accept the apology and called out the Snapchat on her Instagram stories:

Dove: Transformation

Personal care brand Dove, a successful brand in the Real Beauty industry for over 10 years finds itself in hot water after it ran what many saw as a racist ad on Facebook. The campaign shows a black woman transformed into a white woman after using Dove body lotion.

The campaign message here is unrelated to their core brand language.

Lessons here are that not only social media can easily and quickly help a brand spread words of their product or service to the world. But also, it can quickly harm the reputation of the brand that has been building for years.


Having social media platforms is easy, but how a business builds its reputation on those platforms is art. That’s where digital marketing strategy comes into play; it’s not only kept your brand message consistent, but it also eliminates most potential mistakes in the process.

Here are some tips for building a positive brand image on your social media channels:

  • First thing first, be where your audience is — for most businesses, efficiently using time and money in the right social media channel is essential.
  • Be positive about your brand language — every successful brand has a positive brand image and message that relates to people’s lives.
  • Be a good listener — listen to your audience; your brand reputation is built based on people. Their voice is vital for your building process.
  • Ask from the source — since people are the core of a business. There is no better way to build and improve your brand reputation than by asking for suggestions from your audience.
  • Fast response — Communicating with your customer quickly is an excellent way to strengthen your brand reputation. In studies that 71% of customers who received a prompt response from a brand on social media channels were likely to recommend that brand to others.

Social media is taking over the world is inevitable. Businesses need to take advantage of this opportunity but strategize plans to carefully run their social media channels. It’s a risky road with a huge reward, would you use the power of social media to build your brand reputation? If so, please contact to, VERZ studio is here to help:)


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