Design + Marketing = Numbers (Sales)

Different kind of Designers

People have different definitions of design. The majority of people are talking about graphic design or visual design most of the time and consider it is less important than other processes. However, there are many different types of designers in different industries such as product designers, graphic design, motion designers, fashion designers, automotive designers, and etc.
Why is it important to incorporate design into every step of products or services?
A good design is not something that only works, but it actually touches more of people’s emotions. It makes people feel nature, it provides something that will make their life better or more convenient.
But for businesses, there are more elements that need to be considered. For example, cost and return on investment (ROI).
Here is where we separate product designers and graphic designer or other visual focused designers. Product designers are engineers in the design world. They need to consider a product or a service from scratch and that includes market research, concepting, prototyping, visualizing, and testing. That being said, product designers literally need to be involved with different departments every step of the way.
A product or service can be very well-designed if there are designers involved in these processes from the beginning. The company would save so much money later on by not having to hire someone or a team to redesign or fix the product. But, most importantly is the time you have to spend on the hiring process and meetings to let them know the project.

design marketing and sales mix

Marketing + Design = Cappuccino

Marketing and design are like espressos and milk. A complete cycle has to include a well-designed product, an effective marketing strategy, and a good user experience.
Today, the user experience is not only a physical experience, but also digital experience from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Shopify stores.
Imaging the feeling when you walk into a store with a beautifully designed interior and great customer service. In comparison, when you walk into a store that has old and dusty furniture and no one acknowledging you entered. Pretty sure you won’t go to the second store again.
The same concept can also apply to the digital user experience. Research shows that 79% of U.S. consumers are shopping online, and the number is continuously growing from 217.1 Million to 224 Million just in 2019.
More and more business owners are spending money and time on their brands’ online presence. It is important to do it uniquely and professionally so that the online store can stand out in the market. In this case, it is necessary to hire experts to do it right from the beginning.

The relationship between Sales and Marketing Design

How do design and marketing increase sales to generate more revenue?
The key word here is traffic! Driving more traffic to your business is the most important thing every business needs to focus on. Most traffic will be visitors that perhaps will never come back, some visitors are just there to glance through at content. But that doesn’t mean that you didn’t get anything in return.
The right mindset here should be how to get consumers to talk about you and your business. This “meaningless” traffic is actually creating schema into the consumer’s mind that may influence their decisions when they’re making a purchase in the future. In a result, more and more leads and sales will knock on your door.
Now, the question is how to drive more traffic?
There are many technologies and programs that could help. But in order to get the best result, businesses need to have a solid strategy on how to use these digital platforms and with what materials. This is where you can fundamentally separate your business with others. Meanwhile, creating a seamless digital user experience on these platforms are critical for all businesses to thrive in the digital world. Simply because great experience makes people come back.
In Conclusion
There is an art to incorporate design into every stage of the product or service development. It will take a lot of time and investment; however, it will create a solid foundation for your business to shine in the long term. At VERZ, we are not just a digital marketing agency, but we focus on creating user-centered designs to help businesses across all sizes and sectors to generate more loyal clients, fans, and sales.
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