Digital Foundation of A Brand: 7 Key Components

[norebro_text]As businesses in every industry adapt the technology or new business built based on technology, there’s no doubt that they need third-party help to meet new demands and prepare for future ones.


What is Digital Foundation?

Digital foundation is a blueprint of a business (B2B or B2C)that contains every element of your business digital presence and fuel for your digital marketing strategy to take off.

Digital Foundation is the core of digital infrastructure and digital strategy for a business; it’s also a major key in order to execute your plan.

However, the digital foundation has never been a technology problem.
There are three pillars of digital foundation: People, Process, and Technology. In 2019, nearly everything is part of the technology; and no one can truly live without technology.


What does the digital foundation mean to your business?

As all business build and adapt digital world, there’s a chance that the business didn’t utilize the potential of digital marketing. That directly leads to fewer leads and customers, wasting time, and spend money with no ROI.  Most importantly is that your business may lose competition in this competitive market.


Critical Components of Digital Foundation

Identify the Business Model

Before you do anything, have an ABSOLUTELY clear goal and detailed business plan. This will prevent uncertainty of what service you will be providing. Some of the critical things to build your digital foundation as follow:

  • Automated ways to reach new customers, whether a business offers services or products.
  • Structure your content to the emotional level
  • Where and how you should deliver your content to your target audience

The Core Value of Your Business

A good business foundation starts identifying who you are, what value you can bring to the table and the purpose that drives you. Establishing strong core values provides excellent advantages to the business’ digital foundation:

  • In the decision-making process, core value sets a standard for the business on their quality control.
  • Core values are a great tool for a business to have a deeper connection with their audience


A Website as the Core of Your Digital Presence

Like in real life, the digital experience should not be any different. A website is like digital train station of your business, it does not only take your audience to every platform with your existence, but it’s also a place to advertise who you are and who you do.


Pro tip: The quality of your “digital home” creates an important experience for your audience. More importantly, it’s the face of your business!

Utilize Call-To-Action (CTA)

The problem with the digital age is that things change extremely fast. People get distracted from all this information daily.
Here’s why a business needs to be consistent on how often they put out content and reminder audiences about their existence:

  • CTA encourages your visitor to know more about your business
  • CTA gives a business the ability to control the traffic of their website
  • Visitors need CTA to tell them the news about your business. Meanwhile, CTA is one of the most element of your overall user experience and digital foundation.


digitalfoundation new era

Social Media Marketing

To some businesses, social media marketing is an essential part of their marketing strategy. To others, it’s a black hole that they don’t see any come out of it.

However, in 2019, statistic illustrates very differently according to HubSpot, 92% of markets agreed that social media is important for their business, up from 86% in 2013. Also, 72% of marketers are using social media to develop loyal fans of their business.

If your business doesn’t have a social media strategy, you’ve been missing out. Have your social media marketing plan out is critical to lead more traffic, increase conversion, and more customers. Talk to us if your business need help on strategy or execution!


E-mail Marketing

No one uses E-mail anymore? You might be wrong!
According to Radicati Group: “The number of worldwide e-mail accounts continues to grow from over 4.1 billion accounts in 2014 to over 5.2 billion accounts by the end of 2018. The total number of worldwide e-mail users, including both business and consumer users, is also increasing from over 2.5 billion in 2014 to over 2.8 billion in 2018.”

Social media is an excellent way to share your content with the whole world, but when it comes to converting your audience into customers, e-mail marketing remains the most effective method.


Create Value to Your Audience through E-mails & Social Media Channels

The hardest part of building a digital foundation is not building, is maintaining!
Building your digital foundation is a one-time thing but strategizes how to use the foundation is as important as building it. The content from your business needs to have value to your audience. They can be educational lessons or motivational speech, but most important is that being consistent. You can use many influencers or celestites to promote your business, but it won’t matter if you aren’t consistent.[/norebro_text]

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