— A network of power charging kiosks that gives you the freedom to charge your phone on the go.


Product Design.
UI/UX Design.
Business Strategy.
Marketing Strategy.

Break the rules! Transformaing the trandational mobile charging methology in public.

Verzstudio                    VERZ studio Joltzly

“How do you avoid low phone battery when you need it the most? ”
“How often have you been in a situation where you can’t order an Uber because your phone is dead”
“Have you ever not been able to capture a special moment because of a low phone battery”

Joltzly provides mobile kiosks to a variety of locations such as sports venues, airports, restaurants, bars, etc. It gives the freedom to the users to continue their activities while their mobiles devices are charging.

Joltzly is a unique company that has transformed and enhanced the way people charge their mobile devices in public. The goal is to build a digital product incorporating their physical products and establish a seamless user experience. During our cooperation, we worked on different assignments that have significantly increased the product launch process and the quality of the design language.
Let’s start our journey right from the beginning.



Together, we started to establish a business roadmap to define the company’s action plan and corrections in the project plan accordingly. Our team has analyzed Joltzly and identified characteristics. This fact allowed our team to correctly establish consistency among all branding elements while understanding how the company’s image can evolve. Since we were starting from scratch, our brand studio had a chance to think outside of the box and choose archetype traits for every digital carrier, such as their marketing website, digital product, illustrations, and visual brand identity. The result below is an outstanding achievement that both Joltzly and our teams are proud of.

VERZ studio Joltzly branding

Polishing the user experience

UI/UX Design.

A lot of work our team invested into the constant revisions and tests for the user experience. The product was constantly tested by a separate specialist from our UI/UX design studio.

The product screens were constantly changing, and with the assistance of UsabilityHub, we measured various data connected with the product interfaces and other product metrics. Throughout the agile workflow, our Web design studio was implementing specific changes to the design consistently.

VERZ studio Joltzly

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