Branding Strategy Visual Design

Personal Branding

  • Skills

    Illustration, Photoshop, Worpress

  • Client

    Kay Davies



Personal branding isn’t just about the logo design. It includes every product that will have the logo as well. The project starts with the industry of, Real Estate. Therefore, the logo needs to have the function to reflect the industry, as well as the personality of the agent and market (low-end real estate to luxury). The goal of the project is not only the logo will catch people’s attention, but also reflects the agent’ personality.

Project Brief.

In order to have a successful Personal Branding, these four steps are the keys to complete the whole process.


Understanding the clients needs and identify the problem


Studying the industry leader and analyze the pros to strategize what fits the best for the client


Conceptualize the concepts base on the data and market needs


visualize the concept is the key to show the client how the concept looks like in the “reality”.