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Branding Website + SEO

Website Design/ Branding

  • Skills

    WordPress, WIX, Photoshop, Illustration

  • Client

    Le Rambouillet



Le Rambouillet,

as a Concierge Service Company, therefore, distinguishes us from travel agencies, and our clients ‘experiences habitually reside miles above expectations of the services offered by run-of-the-mill travel agencies.


Our Approach

Phase I - Identify the problem

How to create an experience for visitors to feel the luxury of the service?
What are the “luxury” content elements should the website include?
What’s the theme for the website?
What’s the primary color?

Phase II - Content Selection

Content selection is based on the industry trend and competitor analysis.

Phase III – Design & Development

The goal is to spotlight the service information, feedback from their customers, and luxury experience.

In term of design and development, the overall language is modern and clean to utilize the white space use to stand out the important elements

Phase V – Testing

One of the most important goals about a luxury service is how to make people feel the luxury.
The goal of creating an experience is not only for visitors to enjoy the visual design of the website, but also get their curiosities up to dig more into the business.