Why B2B companies should outsource a Marketing Agency?

Why B2B companies should outsource a Marketing Agency in 2019?

The term “B2B” is short for “business to business”; it refers to a business that sells products or service primarily to other business. Here are the key factors need to be considered and be aware of before you make a decision.

The risks in a B2B deal are MUCH higher

1. The complexity.
The concept of B2B purchases is not the same as buying consumer products. There are usually more people involved, more capital investment and has multiple stages or rules need to be followed.
2. The perspective.
In a B2B purchase, the perspective of two parties is usually much different. Designers, marketers, and business people will use different “language”, and that will potentially create miscommunication. In result, then it could cost a lot of money and time for both parties.
3. The challenge.
The players in B2B deals are much more educated in their industry, product line, or services.
They usually have many years of experience in dealing with clients, research, and complex problems.
The best way for marketing agencies to provide the best service for their clients are customization and preparation. They must have a good understanding of problems from the other party’s perspective.
4. The sophistication
The sophistication of the buyers, products, and services will make a B2B purchase much different than with a B2C (business to consumer) purchase.

a. The B2B buyer is hard to find, and it requires more previous relationships or referrals to actually get things started. Marketing agencies need to have commitment and patience to build these connections with their audiences.

b. It is hard on marketing agencies. They need to have a GOOD understanding of their clients’ industry. The passion will only get them so far, it requires dedication to be an expert and reorganization from the market.

What a Marketing Agency can bring to the table.

1. Translation
In B2B, Marketing agency help translates the “languages” from business into something that consumers can easily understand and relate.
2. Personality
B2B companies are emotionless for a lot of people. There is a huge disconnection between these businesses and consumers. This where marketing agency comes in to play. They help B2B business to build a personality and express to the world in a human-friendly way.
3. Brand Awareness / Boots the revenue
A marketing agency will increase brand or business increase its digital presence through a method like Search engine optimization (SEO).
This allows your brand/business to create its schema. This will affect people who have seen your brand/ business will become a customer, even though they were just a visitor at the beginning.
In result, marketing agencies will help your business to be found online. More people dig into your products or services, the chances are they will contribute in the end.
Plus, compare the traditional marketing method, online marketing will have much greater Return On Investment (ROI).
4. Cost
Hiring a marketing agency can be “pricy” for a lot of companies. However, the reality is, the value that marketing agency brings is massive compared to the price paid.
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