The Importance of Digital Marketing

[norebro_text]Understanding the importance of digital marketing has never been so important than ever. 2019, it’s a big year for digital marketing, especially for social media marketing. Why? Social media just made it’s first and the youngest billionaire, Kylie Jenner.

According to The Manifest, businesses plan to invest more in digital marketing from its overall marketing budget.

For many businesses, the traditional marketing method has lost its value. High Return On Investment (ROI) has made business owners double down their investment in digital marketing.

Why should all businesses focus on digital marketing?

More and more businesses understand how efficient digital marketing can be, and it’s only getting better. According to One37pm, Americans are officially spending 6.3 hours daily on digital devices.

The essential marketing strategy for businesses is where your audience is. Having a variety of digital marketing strategies is the best way to reach your audience in their daily life. Thanks to technology, automation allows business owners to send content at the optimal time to optimize the efficiency of its marketing process.


Another reason for businesses to focus more on digital marketing is the ability to measure success. Businesses will have easy access to every social media channel to measure the result. These reports are essential for them to adopt the upcoming digital marketing trends and accordingly adjust its digital marketing strategy.


  1. Over 95% of businesses plan to increase their investment in at least one social media channel next year
  2. Over half of businesses plan to spend more resources on social media marketing and their website.
  3. Nearly one-third of businesses (32%) that don’t use a digital marketing agency and/or a freelancer/consultant plan to outsource their digital marketing efforts in the next year.


Don’t see the return from digital marketing investment

The No.1 reason small business owners don’t see the considerable return from their digital investment is that they do not strategize the way to spend their investment. A business has no digital marketing strategy is like having a Ferrari without a driver; you are going nowhere.


Does Paid Advertisement still work?

“Many businesses may not be paying enough attention to display or paid search advertisements because they don’t know how to track the result,” said Jeremy Greenberg, founder of web design and digital marketing 97 Switch.

In comparison, digital marketing channels give business more control of how they deliver the message to their target audience.

However, online advertising can still be an essential part of the digital marketing strategy. Consumer spends more time online than any other media channels. Companies that are not online and advertising in the right digital channel are missing out on the opportunity to tangible their ROI.


Again, Digital Marketing Matters

Technology today has completely changed the modern economy. There is no doubt that businesses need digital marketing to adopt the market, in order to be where their audience is, Online.

We get it that it’s easier said than done. Merely understand the importance of digital marketing is very different than building a strategy and execute as it planned. And this is where Digital Marketing Agency comes in to help your business create a strategy and professionally execute it as it planned.[/norebro_text]


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